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SIMCOM Support

Software Support

Software governs the speed technology moves forward. Without some form of software, most business and consumer hardware is useless. The primary form of software people are familiar with is an Operating System (OS). The OS is a platform which loads information allowing the computer to use devices, peripherals and access system resources. Common Operating Systems provide a customisable Graphical User Interface (GUI) to stimulate user experience and allow for easy navigation of the system. After loading an Operating System, additional software can be installed in order to perform tasks to relative to employment fields and employee positions.

Due to the volume of software available for consumer and business use, compatibility issues are becoming more common, as is the need for third party products to communicate effectively with each other. Frequently, unforseen issues arise due to changes to software installations; such as direct memory conflicts due to shared files and configuration information being overwritten. Combine this with the headache of dealing with software suppliers and those ‘helpful’ technical support lines and your business has a recipe for disaster and discontent.

Why would you want to deal with all that stress? SIMCOM can assist with installing, configuring, patching, updating, and troubleshooting a wide range of software products and packages. Below are the some examples of SIMCOM supported software.


MYOB, Quickbooks, CCH, ATO and Solution 6 software is frequently changing. SIMCOM specialises in dealing with these packages for accountants. When a new version of the current software has been released, all accountant sites with the corresponding software are notified and the upgrade is systematically completed. Accounting software can be very complex, regardless of the business scale or model.

Microsoft, Linux and Novell Operating Systems

SIMCOM is proficient in all consumer and business operating systems available. From installing the software unattended, to configuring individual desktop user profile settings such as visual styles, performance, windows explorer advanced folder options and internet explorer security settings. Everything is configurable and we know it inside-out.

Microsoft Office

There are 3 distinct generations of Microsoft Office software, ranging across 9 different products (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Frontpage, Access, Infopath and Visio). Solving technical issues across all office platforms can prove a nightmare for the faint hearted. We’ve seen the problems, we know the solutions.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Databases

Maximiser, ACT, Internet Messaging Centre (IMC), Avaya, Line100, Wywo and Goldmine all require a significant degree of conguration in order to capacitate multi-user access. Most databases and CRM packages have a front-end (client program) which interacts with a back-end (server) database. This is usually either SQL or Oracle. Precious CRM data is not to be tampered with, don’t risk the chance of data corruption or inconsistencies. Call in SIMCOM professionals.

Popular communication and third party programs

Applications such as Skype, PC Anywhere, VNC, Remote Administrator, MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Nero, Power DVD, and the Adobe suite of products all have their quirks from time to time. Windows XP, the highest selling OS available has TCP/IP at the core of the system. Most the above programs rely on these TCP/IP settings in order to function properly. In some cases, these settings are not configured correctly, or the TCP/IP settings themselves have been altered by another third-party program. Resolving communications issues with these applications can at times be troublesome - leave it to the professionals.


Medical Director, Locum, Mediflex, Mediwiz, Medilink, Global Health, Healthlink and Labtrak all involve complex configuration to ensure global interoperability. Minor changes can cause stability issues, which can affect the way data is stored in the database. If there is any corruption or inconsistencies, large amounts of data could be compromised. How important is accurate customer information to you, or the HIC?

Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

The rise of viruses and spyware transmitted through the internet has made the electronic world unsafe for the unprepared. Access to unlimited information has opened up the door to a new kind of business based on the demographics, behaviour and interests of computer users. Viruses and spyware are designed to collect information about you and your activities whilst on the computer. They perform tasks such as extracting company information, or compiling your favourite web sites. This information should be kept private at all times. Nobody has the right to violate your privacy or your confidential business material. SIMCOM can help protect your systems and information from being compromised.

SIMCOM Software

We develop our own suite of programs in-house. Worldclock, SIMviews and SIMDir, SIM Relays and SIM Test are just a few of our successful distributions. Please have a look at our download section for more information. SIMCOM can also assist with the production of applications for customers. For further information, please contact SIMCOM during business hours.

Supporting software can prove very stressful at times for some businesses. It has been our experience that most customers would prefer not to deal with software responsibilities. We can certainly empathise with your situation! Call SIMCOM today to remove software stress from your business.


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