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SIMCOM Support

Remote Support

SIMCOM Enterprises has the tools and expertise to support your network via remote communications. Pre-existing software and hardware configurations can be administered externally, by installing remote access software. There are a wide range of remote access methods available; each different in their implementation and unique in features. Here are the major industry standard products for remote support:

Remote Desktop & Terminal Services

Terminal services allows a user with the appropriate permissions to logon to the workstation or server as if they were in front of the system. The service can be configured to remove a significant amount of overhead, for quick responsive use over the Internet. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is shipped by default with Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server.

PC Anywhere & VNC

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computer (the ‘server’), using a simple program (the ‘viewer’) on another computer anywhere on the Internet. VNC is freely and publicly available for download and distribution. PC Anywhere is similar to VNC and contains some added functionality. PC Anywhere is a licensed product.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows a client to connect from any network through a tunnel to another network. It changes the internal network of the client to the internal network of the host and allows access to host network resources. VPN solutions are usually hardware based and come as an add-on to another hardware product. There are variety of solutions available and selecting the right method for your business will take planning and forethought.

SIMCOM is thoroughly experienced in remote network administration. If Information Technology is setup professionally, there is minimal need to go ‘on-site’ to resolve day-to-day issues, as they are almost entirely software related. Remote support provides the capacity to gain access to any system or device on a network promptly. Any software related issue can then be resolved efficiently, without the hassle of requesting a technician on-site.

We estimate in excess of 80% of support requests can be handled remotely. Dramatically reducing money spent on call-out fees for site specialists. The number one reason many companies prefer to have an in-house technician is for those smaller technical issues which may arise from day to day. By having SIMCOM support your network remotely, on-site technician costs are almost negated, giving you fast access to professional technical support when you really need it - not an hour later! To find out more, have a look at our pricing.


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