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SIMCOM Support

Printer Support

SIMCOM can arrange a service or repair for your printer. Depending on the manufacturer, model and age, SIMCOM can determine the best company for the situation. Most printers sold by major vendors are subject to warranty contracts. If your printer is still under warranty, we can assist you in dealing with this matter.

SIMCOM provide support and mantenance plans to improve productivity and minumise downtime.


Network/Shared Printers
Network printers can be setup and shared from a local machine or configured to use an IP address on a local area network (LAN); enabling users to connect directly through the network. It is important to realise that shared printers rely on the local machine being powered on and configured correctly for the network.
Print Servers
Print Servers manage the electronic print interfaces that determine all the settings for single or multiple printers. These settings must be configured and maintained inline with other network interfaces and settings in order to be used properly on the network.


Print Errors
Print errors can cause users countless headaches. From ĎDocument did not reach printer Xí to major system crashes. Software or hardware, we take pride in getting your printers working correctly.
Garbled Print
Sometimes your printer may produce garbled text or unrecognised characters instead of the information you wanted to print. These problems are usually simple issues to fix. However, finding the appropriate solution is only easy when you know where to look, and how to fix it. Donít waste your time, call SIMCOM today.
Paper Jams
There are many reasons for print paper jams. The printer may be dirty or internal mechanics may not be functioning correctly. Call us to resolve the problem immediately.
Printing out of alignment
Many factors can cause your printer to print out of alignment. Most scenarios will need to be dealt with on-site as certain actions may be too complex to describe over the phone.
Cartridges and Other Consumables
SIMCOM recommends the purchase of genuine manufacturer consumables; this is imperative. At best imitation, replica or recycled consumables provide second rate performance and quality. In many cases, they are inefficient (increasing your CPP), or worse; they damage the inner workings of the printer. Donít be fooled or pressured into buying imitation products. It may cost you in more ways than one, instead buy from SIMCOM to get genuine products suited to your needs.
Canít find printer drivers?
Printer drivers are usually installed, misplaced and forgotten about. Then when the time comes to reinstall these printer drivers, everyone is in a mad panic and countless hours are wasted looking for the right software. SIMCOM can locate and download any required print drivers off the internet efficiently. Leave it up to us. Leave it up to the professionals.

When considering printer solutions, SIMCOM can advise the best course of action given any business situation. Eighteen years business experience within commercial IT has developed an acute sense of perspective in relation to print solutions. We know the tricks of the trade, we hold the industry secrets. Put your printers in the hands of professionals. Call SIMCOM today.


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