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System Maintenance

Regular and complete site maintenance is imperative to remain on top of your Information Technology. Why do computer systems require maintenance? SIMCOM equates your electronic infrastructure similar to that of an automobile; many intricate parts work together to perform a single collective function. Computer systems run on the same principle as cars in that, if a car has no fuel, the engine cannot operate.

Every time Information Technology is accessed, an electronic fingerprint of the activity is stored internally. Each specific action on a workstation or server creates many forms of records, entries and logs. Over time this information can build up causing problems to services and infrastructure. Even the most trivial of information stored can burden the system if not maintained.


Servers are the foundation of Information Technology. Regardless of using Novell, Windows, Linux, ESX, Citrix or Unix servers, they require maintenance. SIMCOM has developed a standard approach to maintaining the core services of each server solution, in the form of a maintenance checklist. The basic checklist for Microsoft (Communications) Servers includes checks for items such as the page file, logon scripts, disk space usage, adware/spyware, virus scanner and security updates and patches. Additional installed components such as Microsoft Exchange are then added to site maintenance checklists and monitored accordingly. Donít let your server roam free and out of control, pull it back into line with regular maintenance.


The most common and reliable form of backup is by tape. Due to the complex nature of redundancy, many aspects can affect installed backup solutions. It is imperative backup systems are working 100% of the time; should there be a power surge causing data corruption, your only available method of recovering crucial business information is from tape.

SIMCOM is proficient in managing and monitoring all forms of backup software and solutions. During maintenance we ensure the licensing is current; the software is up to date, as well as perform a series of tests and checks to ascertain the status of the backup solution. Any problems flagged during examination will be resolved during the course of the scheduled maintenance. Donít wait till until you really need to restore data to discover your backup solution is NOT working correctly. How much is your data really worth to you?


It is important business workstations are maintained consistently. A vast amount of factors can affect the efficiency of a workstation. It then becomes equally important to create a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for such heavily used Information Technology. SIMCOM standard settings are not limited to, but include the following;

  • SIMCOM standard Windows performance options
  • SIMCOM standard approved applications
  • SIMCOM standard Windows Explorer settings
  • SIMCOM standard Internet Explorer settings
When scheduled workstation maintenance is performed, SIMCOM standard settings are applied and a standard operating environment is then achieved. A functional SOE ensures significant problems are avoided and workstations become far easier to manage and maintain. A SOE allows administrators to diagnose workstation problems more efficiently, allowing punctual resolution to most issues. If you stick with the Ďbandaidí method of treating computer symptoms, you will spend more money in the long run. Think smart and be proactive; keep on top of your workstations before they become an issue.


Once site maintenance has been finalised, the customer receives a report highlighting the current status the Information Technology. The report will outline what has specifically been done to maintain the infrastructure, a system integrity forecast and our recommendations for your Information Technology needs. SIMCOM will get your IT working like a well oiled machine in no time.


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