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Workstation Solutions

For the average user, manager or business person, choosing the right workstation option may prove a daunting task. SIMCOM eliminates the stress of selecting your workstation solutions by addressing your business needs and implementing high performance, stable systems to carry your business forward.

As we move more into the technology age, business becomes more dependent on computers, technology and media. Establishing the appropriate balance of solutions is imperative for any business. SIMCOM combines the latest technology provided in the marketplace to design the best solution for your business. The most common platform purchased and configured for businesses today is Windows XP.

yes User friendly
yes Networking made easy
yes High quality audio and video capacity
yes Printing made easy
yes Standard operating environments
yes Instant connectivity with all media devices
yes The latest operating environment provided by Microsoft
yes The ideal platform for multi-tasking users
yes Over 90% of new software is developed for XP
yes Full support for the latest tools, gadgets and gizmos
yes The most stable corporate operating environment
yes Combines the best features from Windows NT/98/ME/2000


Standard Operating Environments

SIMCOM has developed a standard for all new Windows workstation installations. Specific settings have been standardised to create a Standard Operating Environment (SOE). SIMCOM standard settings are not limited to, but include the following;

yes SIMCOM standard Windows performance options
yes SIMCOM standard approved applications
yes SIMCOM standard Windows Explorer settings
yes SIMCOM standard Internet Explorer settings

A functional SOE ensures significant problems are avoided and workstations become far easier to manage and maintain. A SOE allows administrators to diagnose workstation problems more efficiently, allowing punctual resolution to most issues. From the semantics of mere appearances, to how and when Windows uses certain files, SIMCOM has fine tuned Windows XP down to the letter.

Contact one of our friendly staff about our custom workstation solutions.

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