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With respect to information technology, security is a very broad term. There are many security aspects to consider including physical security, network security and data security to name a few.

Implementation of security for aspects such as data and workstation environments are reliant on informed configuration of operating system environments and implementation of network wide security policies. Generally, there are no programs or products to do this for you. Instead, through knowledge and experience, a security solution can be implemented to protect your data and your network environment.

Implementation of network security, physical security and alike is generally performed by the provisioning on appropriate hardware devices such as firewalls and access control mechanisms. These devices must be appropriately scoped to ensure that they will provide the level of security and functionality desired and then configured to suit.

SIMCOM can supply you with almost any security device to suit any implementation. From finger print and smart card access control systems to corporate grade firewalls solutions. Due to the wide range of security appliances available and the insurmountable task of identifying and specifying each of these devices, we have only listed a few throughout this website. We have however provided information on Astaro which is an extremely flexible firewall solution capable of meeting the Internet security needs of the majority of businesses.

To name a few, the following are some of our recommended vendors:


If you would like information, consultation or support for any other security devices, please feel free to contact us.

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