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Backup Solutions


yes Media rotation
yes Archive data
yes Transportable
yes High capacity
yes High speed
yes Robust
yes Off-site backups

Tape backup is an effective means of providing data and system redundancy for the purposes of archiving or disaster recovery. Whether you need to recover an important file from last month’s project, or restore a server which has had hard drive failure, a tape backup solution could be the solution you are looking for.

Tape backup solutions are generally suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. Larger organizations may choose to implement tape backup solutions as part of an enterprise wide backup solution. Choosing a suitable tape drive requires assessing the current and future storage requirements of your network. find below some of the SIMCOM preferred backup solutions.

In addition to the hardware listed below, SIMCOM can also provide tape drives, autoloaders and other backup technologies from different vendors where required. For backup solutions involving real-time data protection or data volumes greater than 1 Terabyte, please contact SIMCOM to find an appropriate solution.

Internal Tape Drives

HP LTO 400-800GB Ultrium3 960 internal kit
  • SCSI Cable
  • SCSI terminator
  • 400GB native - 800GB compressed capacity per tape
  • 80-160 MB/Sec

Magnum 1X7 2U LTO2 Rack Autoloader (1.4-2.8TB)

  • 1 X LTO-2 LVD SCSI drive
  • 7 Tape Slots
  • 2U high
  • Native / compressed capacity 1.4 / 2.8 TB
  • Native / compressed throughput is 93 / 187 GB/Hr
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Ethernet with Remote Management
  • Rackmount Kit
  • Accessory Kit includes all the required interface cables for connectivity and operation right out of the box
  • 1 each 10' Shielded Ethernet Cable
  • 1 each 68-pin HD LVD SCSI Terminator
  • 1 each 2 Meter 68-pin HD to HD LVD SCSI cable
  • 1 power cord
  • 20 bar code sample labels (18 for data, 2 for cleaning).
  • 3 year warranty. On site service options available

HP LTO 400-800GB Ultrium3 960 internal kit

  • Maximum Capacity (48 cartridge base configuration) and Throughput (1 xLTO® Ultrium® drive in base configuration, expands to 2 drives in full-high and 4 drives in half-high drive configurations)
  • LTO-2 Native base configuration - 9.6 TB; 86.4GB/hour, Compressed - 19.2 TB; 172.8GB/hour.
  • LTO-2 Native fully populated configuration - 9.6 TB; 345.6GB/hour, Compressed - 19.2 TB; 691.2GB/hour.
  • LTO-3 Native base configuration- 19.2 TB; 288GB/hour, Compressed - 38.4 TB; 576GB/hour.
  • LTO-3 Native fully populated configuration - 19.2 TB; 576GB/hour, Compressed - 38.4 TB; 1152GB/hour.

Base Configuration includes: 4U Rackmount Library, (1) LTO® Ultrium® drive, (48) available slots, bar code scanner with 60 labels, Ethernet Port with Remote Management Feature, 2 Import/Export Ports 4-post rackmount kit, (1) 2-meter 68-pin HD to HD LVD SCSI cable, (1) 68-pin HD LVD SCSI active terminator, (1) 10' shielded Ethernet cable, US/International power cords, and a documentation CD. FC Configuration kitted with the same except for SCSI terminator and SCSI cable.
International: 3 year warranty, 1-year Exabyte ADEX and years 2 & 3 return to factory. On-site service available.

Tape drive kits, include an interface cable, black and beige faceplates, one (1) data cartridge and one (1) cleaning cartridge. In addition to the tape drive, you will need additional tape cartridges to cover your backup plan.

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