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SIMCOM Software

World Clock

World Clock allows you to display times for more than one place in the World. There are so many configuration options there will certainly be something to suit your needs. The basic features are:

  • Inbuilt database of geographical locations with some 800 provided locations. You can edit and add your own to suit (ie. add your own home town).
  • You can cater for daylight saving (DST) at each location
  • You can display as many time zones on the screen as your screen can handle (up to 30). In many different formats, ie full screen mode, 3, 2 or 1 line, with either digital clocks or analogue. a separate 'on screen watch' that you can set up with any graphical clock face (we provide several) and with many configuration options.
  • Talking clock - multi zone alarm system, configurable to trigger any one of a number of actions (beep, wave, message, run program)
  • Tray bar date (again, can be from any number of sources)
  • Win95/98 runbar time zone indication (again, from any zone)
  • Area maps with indications of any number of locations (set by the user). You can instantly jump to any location in the database by entering a few characters. You will be taken to the appropriate map and location.
  • All Locations on the maps display the time at that location (just move the mouse over that location) All time in the system is displayed relative to a 'base time', or 'Home' time, as we refer to it. Actually, all times/dates are internally calculated using Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, ZULU or UTC time).
  • Time calculator. Computes either a straight time difference or "when the time is xxxx at that location, what will the time be here". Unique and quite useful.
  • Time bar display. This unique displays shows the linear relationship between your home location and a selected time zone.

System Requirements

Operating System: Win 95/98/2000, NT4

Pricing and Download

$49.99 + 10% GST (Australian buyers only)

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