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AllClear 2000 Pro was the first internationally successful product developed by SIMCOM, which provided a low-cost, user friendly program to diagnose whether computers were infected with the "Millennium Bug".

We have managed to hold onto the original AllClear 2000 website for all these years and is still available for anyone to view. Remember, this is a very old website, since before 2000 and some images and links no longer work.

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The 1999 Crisis

Many computer owners and IT professionals did not realise that June 1999 was the deadline for finding and fixing any Millennium Bug in their hardware in time for the tick over of internal clocks and calenders at midnight on 31 December 1999.

Many computer programs did not recognise the year as 2000 and reverted to 01/01/1900. The problem was compounded by the fact that the year 2000 was simultaneously a leap year, a leap century and the millennium.

However, the Bug also was not simply confined to the Year 2000, it effected computers up to the Year 2004, and this issue may continue through to the next leap year in the new century.

The Solution

AllClear empowered computer owners to detect in advance whether their hardware would fail to recognise the Year 2000 so that they could take early remedial action. It also enabled tests on new or second-hand hardware before purchase to ensure it met compliance standards and not just take the word of the reseller!

The Future

AllClear 2000 is still relevant in some instances but is primarily a historical view of the period. But in reality, it is SIMCOM's uniqueness in being able to tackle a problem - it was and this is a unique piece of software.

"Using Year 2000 Pro will be like having a vehicle tested by an impartial motoring organisation - it will tell owners whether it complies or whether itís a lemon", Mr.Simonis said.

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