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SIMCOM Software

What Does SIMDir Do?

SIMDir resolves the age old problem of the lack of control over "Windows shared folders" and its users. SIMDir does this without the need to store documents in a database. When it comes to electronic data management SIMDir really is all about Control!

SIMDir is not a "Document Management System“ (DMS) in a common sense, it is a “Document Control System” (DCS).

The important difference is that SIMDir does not store your data in complex database systems, instead SIMDir uses Standard Windows Folders leveraging Windows itself. SIMDir acts as a seamless conduit directly to Windows own folders saving time by minimizes navigation to the folder on the network. SIMDir was not designed to replace document management systems, instead is meant to be a 'sister product' to handle documents which do not comply with the DMS processes and where documents are stored in their native format in Windows shared folders.

SIMDir however, is an document control system that leverages Windows existing technologies, to organise every piece of information you have about a client or project, based on the manager's (your) template. It takes a more holistic and flexible view of every aspect of data handling, and SIMDir puts you in control!

This means that from now, when you are looking for a document for a client, you will be able to find their files, emails, faxes, letters, proposals, spreadsheets, CAD files etc. pertaining to that client. SIMDir is capable of completely mimicing any manual filing system and does so far more efficiently, promoting the elusive dream of the paperless office. SIMDir is safe, easy, efficient and smart!

Is SIMDir just another Database-driven management System?

No, it is totally different!

SIMDir is not a database driven product. This means that SIMDir does not store information and lock it into a vault. SIMDir is unique in concept and design to any other product currently on the market. The only product that allows you to completely manage your project data across an organisation while working in standard Windows folders. It is an effective solution for businesses who require a quick and easy turn around and implementation doesn’t cost the earth. What's more SIMDir works will ALL applications supported by Windows XP or Vista.

Is SIMDir for me?

If you answer yes or maybe to any of the following questions, chances are that you need to consider using SIMDir to manage and control project information store within those Windows folders

  • Do you want to control the data stored in the Windows folders on your network?
  • Do you want to be able to create identical managed data structures based on specific projects?
  • Do you to control the naming convention for all documents created?
  • Do you want to centralise & manage your document templates?
  • Do you want to centralise & manage your document templates without the need to write protect or put passwords on them?
  • Do you want to access these documents in less than half the time it take to use windows explorer?
  • Do you want to be able to search for files broadly across your network for documents and the apply filters to that search with having to search again?

Then SIMDir is definitely for you!

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